passive house myths busted

Famed Passive House proponent, writer and speaker Elrond Burrell busts all the myths swirling around passive house construction and design.

You Can't Open the Windows in a Passivhaus – MYTH

This may be easy to buy into but in a Passivhaus there is nothing to stop you from opening the windows. Elrond says that it really depends on the time of the year and what you want as to whether you open the windows. In summer (UK) it is likely that the mechanical ventilation would not be running anyway, so natural ventilation would be important and that means opening the windows. In winter there's probably no need to open the windows because there's enough fresh air and it doesn’t feel stale or stuffy. In a traditional buildings that's why people tend to open the windows in winter because it's stuffy, which is essentially the CO2 levels getting a bit high, whereas in a Passivhaus there's constant ventilation in the background and there just would not be the need.”

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